Salem VA Medical Center

Discharge Procedures

Early during your stay, your health care team will talk to you about your post-hospitalization care needs, anticipated discharge date, and how to receive your follow-up care.  Please make sure we have your correct phone number and other contact information.

If supplies are needed at time of discharge, the discharge nurse will review them with you. If medication is prescribed, it can be picked up at the outpatient pharmacy as you leave the hospital.

If you are on a special diet, a dietitian will counsel you and your family on how to follow your diet at home.

Lost and Found

If you have lost any personal items during your stay, tell your health care team. Lost and Found is located in the Clothing & Valuables Room in the basement of Building 143, Room CB35A.

Patient Feedback

You may be contacted for feedback about your stay shortly after your discharge. Your comments will help us to continue to meet our goal of providing quality health care. You may receive an approved survey from Press Ganey or the VA's Survey of Healthcare Experience of Patients (SHEP). For additional information, please visit our Customer Service page.